And that’s a wrap!

We are very excited to share that Chapter 2 has completed principal filming! Now comes the hard part. We have to choose from so many amazing shots and edit it all together. Then our VFX team does their magic, Samuel Kim does another fantastic score, the sound team does their wizardry… The list of skills needed to make a show is almost mind boggling. 

So many amazingly talented people lend their experience to our project, which makes it unique in the fan film genre. When counting up all of our cast, background, crew and creative partners we number over 300 people in our family. The majority of our team work in the film industry here in Vancouver British Columbia, which is also known as Hollywood North. This means that we are able to produce high quality content, even if it takes longer than we hoped. But as the saying goes “You can have it Great, Cheap or Fast…..but only 2 of those!

Our team is here for the love of Star Wars and belief in the show….and you, the fans, are a huge part of our team! If you think Chapter 1 was amazing….we can’t wait to show you what Chapter 2 has in store.