Bucketheads at FanExpo Vancouver Feb 19-21, 2022

If you are in the Vancouver BC area and attending FanExpo, be sure to come visit us! We will have our TIE fighter cockpit on display at our booth, the one that was used in those EPIC battle scenes. Come chat with key members of our crew, who will literally talk about our show at any time, any place…and for as long as you will listen!

We would love to see you at our panel on Monday at 1:00pm; BUCKETHEADS SCREENING – Mobilizing a Community to create a STAR WARS Film/Series about Stormtroopers. We chat about how a team of nearly 300 cast and crew are creating a love letter to the Star Wars universe with their time, talent, and the support of a rock solid group of Patrons, Donors and companies both local and international. Don’t miss it!