It isn’t Star Wars without droids, and our story would not be complete without KR-8. Working with Nomi Coven, a stormtrooper who has an unwavering loyalty to the Empire, this little droid is equipped for anything.

Inspired by both the ID-10 seeker droid used by Iden Versio and the BD-1 unit from Star Wars Jedi – Fallen Order , KR-8 entered the script as a partner for our Nova Squad trooper Nomi Coven. Nomi has a no nonsense attitude and is loyal to the Empire, no matter what happens.

Starting with the basic idea of a small utility droid that docked into a specially designed backpack, the Droid Builders Club of BC went to work. Many designs were suggested, refinements made, and our mini hero was born.

The designation of KR-8 is an homage to the 501st Legions Outer Rim Garrison, as many members joined the Bucketheads project on both cast and crew. The logo of the Garrison has the skeleton of a krayt dragon prominently displayed in the design, so the designation just made sense.

Currently there are six complete versions of the KR-8 droid, with a range of functions that can be done by each. There are hero models that are finely detailed for close up shots, utility models that can do tasks, and even a plucky little stunt model that can take damage and still keep going. Two more are in production that will be able to do specific tasks.

Most of our droids were named to honor Star Wars actors who are no longer with us. We hope that Guinness, Mayhew, Baker, Fisher, Cushing, Prowse and Diamond are a fitting tribute to their namesakes. Our most rugged stunt droid is named Wilhelm….because as every Star Wars fan knows, when things go REALLY wrong for a character, a Wilhelm scream will be there!

We are excited to have you see everything this droid can do!