An increasingly disillusioned soldier trying to avenge his past tracks down a traitor that could swing the tide of war, but when a revenant re-enters his life he must desert every ally he thought he had to save his humanity.

Bucketheads began where all great stories begin – in the imagination of someone who dreamed of a universe where anything is possible. Often an existing book or film or some other amazing creation will spark the question of “What if THIS happened in that world?”

The Star Wars Saga, born from the imagination of George Lucas long ago – in a galaxy not so far away – has grown so far beyond what he could ever have dreamed, and that was the spark for our story. Four years ago a small team of moviemakers and Star Wars cosplayers came together in a three day whirlwind of creation, and from that came our original short film.

Now, after years of planning and gathering a cast, crew, resources and support from our Patreons, we are thrilled to start releasing Season One to the world.

Please join us on our journey as we bring you the world of Star Wars seen through the eyes of loyal Stormtroopers, and the turmoil of an Empire crumbling around them.

Journey further into the Episodes of Season 1!

Episode 1

KR-8: the REAL star of the show

We would like to give a proper introduction to the biggest diva on set, the droid KR-8.

Click here to Meet KR-8

The Score

If you loved the music from the film by Samuel Kim as much as we do, please visit his media sites or consider buying the soundtrack on iTunes!

Listen to Samuel’s music here
Our original credit tracks are by the fabulous Teller & The Tale (Previously Buffalo Jones)

Please visit them for more!