Tales from the 501st

Sometimes we love our sets so much we need to use them as much as possible. So we came up with a series of short stories that can be filmed and produced quickly for your viewing pleasure

Tales will be a mix of filming genres, styles, and stories that are in the Star Wars universe – sometimes a different view of a known scene, sometimes something completely new.

The name was chosen because a large portion of our cast are members of the 501st Legion (locally the Outer Rim Garrison), the largest worldwide Star Wars costuming group. These members have built costumes that adhere to very specific guidelines in order to be screen accurate, and could have just walked off of a movie set. While the Legion and Garrison are not officially affiliated with the Bucketheads project, members own their costumes and are free to use them for something like our film.

Our first offering is Checkpoint, and it is a darkly humorous take on the well documented events on Tatooine. The next Tale planned will be much more serious, so you never know what direction a Tale can take! We hope you enjoy watching these as much as we enjoyed making them.

Tale #1 – Checkpoint